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EzPopups Review

Build Huge, Highly-Responsive Lists, Grow your Social Fanbase, Convert More Visitors and All With Drag and Drop Simplicity

Nowadays, the use of internet has become familiar with people all over the world, leads to the development of Online advertising. If you’re running a business and you don’t have a website, you are missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Owning a website or a personal blog, most web publishers know that one of the most efficient and effective ways to draw the attention of visitors is to create website pop-ups, yet many people are not utilizing popups. ezPopups is just what you need. Here is my EZ Popups Review

EzPopups Review

If you are wondering how to attract more free targeted traffic to your website, ezPopups is definitely a great option!

EZ Popups Review – What Is EZ Popups?

EZ Popups is The Most Powerful Drag and Drop lead generation and Onsite Retargeting Platform ever created. This tool allow you to create multiple forms of Pop-ups for your websites within a few minutes. It uses a convenience Drag & Drop Builder, adding videos, maps, social widgets or your own HTML code on Popups. All of it’s benefits are listed below in EZ Popups Review.

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EZ Popups Review – Overview

EzPopups ReviewProduct Name : ezPopups

Author : Sean Donahue

Launch day: March 29th

Price : $47

Official Sale Page: http://ezpopups.com/

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EZ Popups Review – About The Author


Who is Sean Donahue? Sean Donahue is a millionaire and is considered one of the top people in internet marketing. He is the founder of IM Success Center (http://imsuccesscenter.com/). He has great online marketing training courses and his internet marketing tools has been sold thousands of copies. In EzPopups Review we’ll have a good look on his latest product – EzPopups


EZ Popups Review – Features

  • Poweful Drag & Drop Builder

ezPopups comes with the most powerful and yet easy to use drag & drop builder, that gives you the flexibility to create any kind of popup or slide-in you have in mind.
You can easily drag, drop, resize, change the colors and modify the settings of your popup and every element inside it.

  • Mobile Specific Builder

The mobile specific builder allows you to choose exactly how your popup or slide-in is going to show on mobile devices by repositioning elements and hiding the unnecessary ones.

  • Smart Trigger Events

Choose exactly when to show your popup or slide-in.
ezPopups comes with eight different trigger events so you can ensure a pleasant user experience for your visitors.

  • Advanced Audience Targeting

If you have a large website, you may want to have different popups/slide-ins for different sections of your site.

The targeting feature allows you to specify where on your site do you want each popup to be triggered, so you can better approach different users.

  • Analytics

Beautiful line charts show you how your popups are performing including impressions & conversions data.
Geolocation data of your visitors is also provided, as well as which pages of your site are better performing.

  • A/B Split Testing

Split testing allows you to split your traffic into two halfs and show a different popup to each half.

You then get analytic reports of how each popup has performed so you can know what works best and improve from there.

  • Frequency Capping

In order to avoid prompting your visitors each time they come to your site, you can choose how many times per day a popup or slide-in is shown.

  • Entrance & Exit Animation Effects

ezPopups comes with eye-catching entrance and exit animations that you can add to your popups and slide-ins so you can attract the attention of your visitors who will then engage with your offer.

  • Content Locking

You can lock the content of a page until a visitor subscribes to your email list which helps you build your list fast.
Locking your content is as easy as deleting the close button from the corner of your popup.

  • Video Marketing

Embed your videos from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or any other video source. You can also have autoplaying videos as soon as your popup or slide-in opens up.

  • Google Maps

The Google Maps widget allows you to put a map location inside your popup to help the users easily find your company’s address for example.

  • Two Step Opt-in

Get your visitors to decide that they want your offer before showing them the opt-in form. Once they have made the decision on the first step, they will easily fill the opt-in form on the second step.

  • Custom Funnels

If you want to segment your visitors depending on their choices, you can use the custom funnels that allows you to setup multiple steps inside your popup or slide-in.

Your users will then go through the steps that correspond to their choices.

  • Popups VS Slide-ins

Show an elegant 3D iMac with your offer’s image displayed inside it.

Just drag and drop the iMac widget and select an image to show inside it. You can then scale and reposition it as you wish.

  • Autoresponder Integration

ezPopups is compatible with all the autoresponder. We will see how easy it is to setup your autoresponder in this demo video.

  • Video Background

In order to add an elegant touch to your popups, you can setup a looping video background.

This feature is compatible with any video from YouTube.

  • Social Widgets

Get more Facebook likes, Twitter and Google+ followers using ezPopups’ social widgets.

  • Scheduling

The Scheduling feature allows you to only show your popups on a specific date range that you choose.

  • External website embed

You can include content from other websites right inside your popups and slide-ins using the external website widget.

  • The WordPress Plugin

We also provide a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily integrate your ezPopups to your WordPress website.

  • Custom HTML Code

You can also add any HTML code to your popups which opens the door for you to an unlimited number of possibilities.

  • Countdown

Add scarcity to your messages using the customizable countdown widget.

… and many more features you should find out yourself

EzPopups Bonus

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EZ Popups Review – Who Should Purchase?

ezPopups is designed for every website that needs to get the most out of its visitors.

Whether you are selling or promoting a product, looking to increase your social fanbase or simply want more traffic, ezPopups will help you in many ways.

  1. Build your email list fast.

The email list is the base of your online business. Without an email list you have no online business. You should have a good list building system in place so that your can collect emails effectively and grow your business daily.

ezPopups is the best way to go to achieve best list building results.

  1. Sell or promote products

If you are selling a product on your website, whether your own or as an affiliate, ezPopup will help you with your promotion.

  1. Increase your social audience

Using its built-in social widgets, you can easily collect more social followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

And this is just scratching the surface. Thank to its flexibility, ezPopups can also be used for dozens of other purposes.

EZ Popups Review – Comparison

If you’re wondering: How does it compare to the competition? Could it be made more appealing?EZ Popups Review Table below shows the different between ezPopups and its competitors.


 All the CompetitorsezPopups
Works with all websiteserror-5-32ok-xxl1
Drag & Drop Buildererror-5-32ok-xxl1
Mobile Specific Buildererror-5-32ok-xxl1
Email Opt-inok-xxl1ok-xxl1
Split Testingok-xxl1ok-xxl1
Audience Targetingok-xxl1ok-xxl1
Frequency Delayok-xxl1ok-xxl1
On Entranceok-xxl1ok-xxl1
On Exit Intentok-xxl1ok-xxl1
On Clickok-xxl1ok-xxl1
On Scroll Percentageerror-5-32ok-xxl1
On Hovererror-5-32ok-xxl1
On Page Closeok-xxl1ok-xxl1
On Finish Reading Articleerror-5-32ok-xxl1
2 Step Optinserror-5-32ok-xxl1
Custom Scenarioserror-5-32ok-xxl1
3D iMac Display Creatorerror-5-32ok-xxl1
Google Mapserror-5-32ok-xxl1
Content Lockingok-xxl1ok-xxl1
Social Widgetsok-xxl1ok-xxl1
Video Embederror-5-32ok-xxl1
External website embederror-5-32ok-xxl1
Split Testing Popup VS Slide-inerror-5-32ok-xxl1
Split Testing Trigger Eventerror-5-32ok-xxl1
Split Testing Designserror-5-32ok-xxl1
Split Testing Popup VS Slide-inerror-5-32ok-xxl1

EZ Popups Review – What people say about EzPopups


Test after test has proven that popups work extremely well.
In one test, popups drove 1,375% more email captures vs. a sidebar opt-in form.

Richard Lazazzera – Content Strategist at Shopify


 Exit popups are our bread and butter. Currently approximately 80% of all MaxTraffic campaigns use exit intent technology.

Lauma Rikmane – Marketing Assistant at MaxTraffic

 EZ Popups Review – Conclusion

What are you waiting for? Purchase ezPopups now and not only will you experience one  of the best internet marketing tools but you’ll also get a LITMITED BONUS OFFER only when you buy ezPopups HERE on my EZ Popups Review.
EzPopups Review

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EzPopups Bonus

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